Thursday, September 9, 2010

BA - Self-frustration!

With such a horrible habit of not updating blogs regularly I miss out on interesting stuff that I want myself to remember. And not that anyone else reads this :D

Officially a month since I landed and the city feels right... Still endless in need of exploring but it is just so strange that I can never find the time. More specifically, I want to go back to where I found Pump It Up and do my stuff! I want to eat extravagantly everywhere I go! I want to go to wierd places! I want to meet more people! Truth is I feel sometimes I get so warpped up in "study" and hanging out with IFSA friends (and sleeping, and being neurotic about the future) that I forget to take advantage of the present, the very opportunity that brought me here against all unlikely odds. Yea I had that 15-min talk with host mom the other day when she asked me about the scholarship + the fact that I sleep a lot. I then realized how lucky I am to be here. And all I can think about all day is all the visas, all the homework, and taking advantage of low-cost medical assistance. All that! I need a resolution. And I have 3 more months to repent.

Well, I think the first step is to wake up at 9am everyday! Do stuff that matters (?)

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