Monday, September 13, 2010

BA - ¡Es una bomba!

Well it means two things: or it is super good, or it is super bad...
I think it is one of the few words that rival "sick" in English. And it is basically what happens when you order PASTA and SUBMARINO together. For me it is not that strange. But people, woo... do they stare...! It's all good, I switched to a COCA instead... : (

So did I mention the Argentina vs. Spain match I went to... It was my first football match ever, and I'm from a live-football, sleep-football country Vietnam... For shame... Well it was really super-worth it!! I learned chants and for real will start randomly singing it from now on. And GO MESSI!!! (p.s. really hard to find Messi's umber 10 shirt for my brother after the match... Well not when he freaking scored the first goal and got the game all crazayyy...) ^___^ Good day anyway...

Sooooy argentino, es un sentimiento no puedo parar, 

Ole ole ole, ole ole ole OLA, 

Ole ole ole cada dia te quiero mas...

Apart from this huge event, life goes on, with a little twist everyday. Things are definitely getting pretty much busy, seems like I do not have enough time for anything! Plus my decision to have some orthodontic work done which takes a huge amount of my worrying mind, probably not even until the beginning of October... And money, ooooo dear money, how I want thy love today...

Oh yea, one hightlight this week was also the play "La omision de la familia Coleman" Excellent! I enjoyed every second of it and I was glad I understood pretty well the story line. It was a mixture of dark humor and tragedy. A story of a family who cannot stand each other and throughout the play seems like any minute the imbalance is going to break loose. The end was heart-breakingly cruel which was  It was really intense the way they interact, feels like they could have had a lynch mob at any moment. If you could seek out a ticket for this. GO WATCH IT NOW! One of the best of Argentine threater these years. And Lautaro Perotti (Marito) and Gonzalo Ruiz (Hernan) and is hmmm... quite Argentinely attractive.

Two last things that made the week complete were MEXICAN NIGHT with da peeps, and FERIA DE MATADEROS. After that, I seriously genuinely wish that I have my own place here. I would be the most awesome scenario everrrrr!!!! Party all dayyyyyyy!!!

And please weather!!! Keep yourself together... YOU SUCK THESE DAYS!!!

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