Wednesday, September 15, 2010

BA - Well some people do get off with B&W movie

So I feel I had the priviledge to come watch (free!) this movie La Strada within a week-long homage to Federico Fellini, the famous Italian director. I seriously enjoyed it although I never thought I would be able to stand B&W movie, not to mention in Italian, with 2 layers of subtitles in French and Spanish (the Spanish one was like almost transparent :|) Oh I have to mention I was sitting on the last row with people's heads in the way. Well the place was not actually meant to be a movie theatre anyway. My butt was killing me after sitting on the hand rest for a long while so that I could see the words.

Anyway, it is about a young girl who follows a wandering circus guy around to be his assistant, and all their encounters along the way. She was apparently not very clever but very sentimental in a childish and naive way, while the guy is a typical macho dude who didn't give a damn and acted violently. And I should say it had a sad ending. I was pretty sad at the end but the butt pain was more overwhelming so nothing happened. Also it is a good lesson, if you decide you go see a sad movie without people seeing your butt face, hurt yourself! Yea... 

It is a pretty OK day otherwise, I wrote a 4-page essay (single-spaced!) in 4 hours about PASSION including very metaphysical Aristotelistic views for my internship (in Spanish!) so I was beaming with pride afterwards, except that I think the overall quality was rather shitty. Bleh!! Tomorrow will be rather interesting since I will have an Graffiti Excursion throughout the barrios of Buenos Aires. FOR THREE HOURS! Hope it's nice outside! Because it's been shitty this week, save for today. Photos to come! 

Upcoming Highlights:
- YANNI CONCERT (this Friday) ...aaaaarrrrgggghhhh!!!
- FUERZA BRUTA (next Friday) ...woooooooooo!!!
- DAVID BISBAL (Sat. Oct 16) ...eeeeeeeeeeee!!!

-Rosario Trip (Oct 2-3), and 
-Mendoza Trip (probable, tentative, not sure,... yea you got the idea)
-Iguazu Trip (ditto...)

I heart Buenos Aires... :)

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