Wednesday, September 22, 2010

BA - Let him be god!

I am not sure what I'm refering too but I feel very inspired these days...
First of all thanks  to the Yanni's Concert, I feel muscially REJUVENATED!!!

Isn't his hair great!? Don't you want to touch it?
All the love! I have been listening to your music since I was a sevvie and almost a decade later I get to see the concert! No one actually has any idea la emoción con que yo cargaba, witnessing what has been flowing through my head for years to be realized on stage in front of my own eyes! And it's not just Yanni. It's Samvel Yervinyan with his magical fingers turning the existence of the violin from being the product of a purely European hegemony into a soul that weeps and sings from the shore of the melancholic Caspian Sea.

It was almost surreal when I you see your inspiration on stage. Well I have never really been to a concert of an artiste I was passionate about so I have never known the feeling. Now I do! Anyway, I appreciate BsAs for offering a ticket at such a good price, well although not the best seat, so that I could have this special night and stood outside for 2 hours and a half before the show to enter... It was all worth it. My life is partly complete! Don't you love it when your life is (partially) complete?!

Anyway as a side note, I was very inspired by the violin performance and decided that I couldn't stand this anymore and had to go to a violin shop to noodle(!) I found one on Sarmiento between Uruguay and something and, after a while looking clueless at the bunch, was offered to buy a cheapass violin that adds up to be about $80 with everything included. I wanted to say yes! Arrggg but errrr... Anyway I BROKE THE FUCKING E STRING. And was madly embarrased when everyone in the store was looking at me standing like a dumbass. Ok so followed by a lot of perdón but the owner was extremely nice and told me its all right and its very cheap! I didn't buy anything in the end (which added to the embarrassment)... I was bad but not insoportable.


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