Tuesday, October 5, 2010

BA - Rosarian Recapitulationism (el recapitulacionismo rosarino)

Yes, I have adopted this word to describe my blogging behavior... Never on the day of... but here it goes... From the last post what's new is Fuerza Bruta and trip to Rosario! Oh... and braces :-|

Fuerza Bruta was quite a party actually, not much of a show. I would have liked for performance then interval dance parties (which nonetheless were awesome!) but the night was fun. I wish I was wasted but had fun anyway... :D Overall it was a visual pleasure and the crowd involvement was unexpectedly fun...

Rosario trip was also a deserving vacation where we got to eat at THE trendiest restaurant in my life! It came out about almost AR$200 (or only $50) per person (very expensive for Argentine standard) and did I say it was excellent?! Everything was perfect. From the appetizer of sweetbread with the most delicious tomato ever, to the bife with carrots, and the divine dessert which should not even be named for its unfathomable greatness! The city otherwise was a rather sleepy town, maybe because we came during the weekend. It's a very relaxing environment although I wouldn't live there. I prefer Buenos Aires always... The final stressing point of this trip was the sleeping accomodation, on the bus and in the hotel. EXCELLENT! No other words... If you can stretch your bus seat to a 150 degree bed, THAT'S life. And if your hotel bad can fit about 3 4 people like you. THAT'S life. It was pretty sad when I got back home to Buenos Aires and miserably looking at my tiny bunk bed and squeaks like crazy... Hmmm...

Otherwise, I have a lot a lot a lot on my mind right now including the fact that I can't speak right for shit and very frustrated... I'm just that type of person that gets neurotic about everything, and then when they're all set and done, I would go beserk yet again because of hindsight regrets and stuff like that. It's becoming bad. I'm very uncomfortable in my own body right now it sucks but it will pass hopefully I can't stand another day. Oh and I got a pimple, thanks a lot to all nighter and stress. I know it seems like I make it sound harder than it is, everything. But in fact, I am peversely proud that I take weird initiatives in my life that screw me over, ...and it is harder... really. My Danish permit delay hasn't progressed much and the French one has to wait till the end of October or so... And I don't even want to talk about Uruguayan visa, shake my head for real... What's really getting me going these days is the Iguazu trip at the end of this week! I'm dying to get out of the city once more to somewhere pretty... Hope the braces won't ruin it. And if they bother me, I need the vacation anyway ... :-/ Peace out yo, I'm salivating too much these days it's not even funny T_T

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